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Medieval Academy Reprints For Teaching (MART)

Available from the University of Toronto Press. Unless noted, all titles are in paperback only. Orders should be addressed to the University of Toronto Press, Order Department, 5201 Dufferin St., North York, ON M3H 5T8, Canada, or 250 Sonwil Dr., Buffalo, NY 14225 (1-800-565-9523; fax 1-800-221-9985). Alternatively, after determining the author and title you want from the following list, you may order it through the University of Toronto Press's Web site.

Author Title
Series #

Robert L. Benson and
Giles Constable, eds.,
with Carol D. Lanham
Renaissance and Renewal in the Twelfth Century.
No. 26

M.-D. Chenu Nature, Man, and Society in the Twelfth Century. Trans. Jerome Taylor and Lester K. Little.
No. 37

J. R. Clark Hall A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary. 4th ed., with supplement by Herbert D. Meritt.
No. 14

Caecilia Davis-Weyer, ed. Early Medieval Art, 300-1150: Sources and Documents.
No. 17

Christopher Dawson Mission to Asia.
No. 8

Heinrich Fichtenau The Carolingian Empire. Trans. Peter Munz.
No. 1

Teresa G. Frisch, ed. Gothic Art, 1140-c. 1450: Sources and Documents.
No. 20

Galbert of Bruges The Murder of Charles the Good, Count of Flanders, trans. James Bruce Ross.
No. 12

F. L. Ganshof Feudalism. Trans. Philip Grierson.
No. 34

R. K. Gordon, ed. The Story of Troilus.
No. 2

John Gower Confessio Amantis, ed. Russell A. Peck.
No. 9

Guibert of Nogent Self and Society in Medieval France: The Memoirs of Abbot Guibert of Nogent, trans. C. C. Swinton Bland, rev. John F. Benton.
No. 15

George Henderson Early Medieval: Style and Civilization.
No. 29

Anne Hudson, ed. Selections from English Wycliffite Writings.
No. 38

Romilly Jenkins Byzantium: The Imperial Centuries, AD 610-1071.
No. 18

A. H. M. Jones Constantine and the Conversion of Europe.
No. 4

Adolf Katzenellenbogen Allegories of the Virtues and Vices in Medieval Art.
No. 24

W. Eugene Kleinbauer, ed. Modern Perspectives in Western Art History.
No. 25

Helge Kökeritz A Guide to Chaucer's Pronunciation.
No. 3

Cyril Mango, ed. The Art of the Byzantine Empire, 312-1453: Sources and Documents.
No. 16

Marie de France Fables, ed. and trans. Harriet Spiegel.
No. 32

Marsilius of Padua Defensor pacis, trans. Alan Gewirth.
No. 6

R. I. Moore The Birth of Popular Heresy.
No. 33

The Origins of European Dissent.
No. 30

John B. Morrall Political Thought in Medieval Times.
No. 7

Colin Morris The Discovery of the Individual, 1050-1200.
No. 19

Francis Oakley The Medieval Experience.
No. 23

Otto of Freising The Deeds of Frederick Barbarossa, trans. Christopher Mierow.
No. 31

Sidney Painter William Marshal, Knight-Errant, Baron, and Regent of England.
No. 13

W. A. Pantin The English Church in the Fourteenth Century.
No. 5

Robert of Clari The Conquest of Constantinople, trans. Edgar Holmes McNeal.
No. 36

Barbara A. Shailor The Medieval Book: Illustrated from the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
No. 28
$65 (cloth); $25.95 (paper)

C. H. Talbot The Life of Christina of Markyate, a Twelfth-Century Recluse.
No. 39

Gerd Tellenbach Church, State and Christian Society at the Time of the Investiture Contest. Trans. R. F. Bennett.
No. 27

Sylvia Thrupp, ed. Change in Medieval Society: Europe North of the Alps, 1050-1500.
No. 22

Brian Tierney The Crisis of Church and State, 1050-1300.
No. 21

B. L. Ullman Ancient Writing and Its Influence. Introduction by Julian Brown.
No. 10

Wace and Layamon Arthurian Chronicles, trans. Eugene Mason with introduction by Gwyn Jones.
No. 35

J. M. Wallace-HadrillThe Long-Haired Kings.
No. 11

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