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MAA GSC Grant for Innovation in Community Building and Professionalization (MAA/GSC Grant)

The MAA/GSC Grant will be awarded annually to an individual or graduate student group from one or more universities. The purpose of this grant is to stimulate new and innovative efforts that support pre-professionalization, encourage communication and collaboration across diverse groups of graduate students, and build communities amongst graduate student medievalists. Examples of such projects include: a graduate student conference; an online journal; a lecture or workshop series; a collective excursion to an archive, museum, architectural or archaeological site; performances (of medieval music, medieval drama, etc); or the creation of collaborative digital humanities projects, to name but several possibilities. This grant is therefore intended to support a wide range of activities by investing in the merits of innovative new approaches that simultaneously build professional communities and promote research, publication, and teaching.

Awards will be based on detailed grant proposals adjudicated by the Academy’s Committee on Professional Development in consultation with the GSC Chair. Recipients will be required to submit a progress report to the Academy and to the GSC and will be invited to present their activities and findings at a special MAA GSC panel at Kalamazoo, Leeds, or the MAA Annual Meeting. Preference will be given to projects that clearly demonstrate a level of practical professionalization, contributing in some form to the development of skilled research, teaching, or publication that prepares graduate students for success and advancement in academic careers. The feasibility of implementation within 12 months, the promotion strategy, and a demonstrated need for the grant in order to complete the project successfully are also important factors in the evaluation. In general, one (1) grant of $2,000 will be awarded, but the award may be divided among multiple projects at the discretion of the adjudication committee.


- All applicants and collaborators must be MAA members in good standing by January 15 of the year in which the application is submitted.

- The award is available to both individuals and groups. When submitting a group application, one individual must be designated as the primary applicant for the project and must remain in this position throughout the implementation of the award (i.e. 12 months from the date of award).

- At the time of submission, the primary applicant and all collaborators must be graduate students enrolled in full-time programs (without geographic restriction).

- The primary applicant must remain enrolled in a graduate program during the course of the grant. However, collaborators who complete their course of study within 12 months of the date of the award, but remain members of the MAA, may continue to participate without affecting the status of the grant.

Application components:

- Biographical cover page (completed online)

- PDF Application Package including

- Proposal (not to exceed two pages, single spaced) that includes:

- A description of the project and intended outcomes, as well as an intellectual justification for the effort. The description should speak to how the proposed project meets the grant’s aims of community building, interdisciplinarity, innovation, or invention.

- A strategy for promotion, both in light of the project and its results. This may include academic promotion (such as participation in various conferences) but could also describe press releases, newspaper articles and other non-academic avenues. Plans to preserve and make the project widely available via pod-cast, YouTube, blog or website should also be included in the proposal.

- A detailed one-page projected budget for the project disclosing any means for additional funding, whether anticipated or secured.

- One-page CVs from the primary applicant and up to five (5) collaborators.

- One letter of support (not to exceed one page, single spaced) from a faculty member discussing the merits of the project and the suitability of the primary applicant. The letter of support may also speak to the preparation of other collaborators, but this is optional as the project will likely bring together graduate students from different institutions and locations (submitted by mail).

The application and all supporting materials MUST reach the Academy office by February 15 for implementation the following year (i.e. successful 2015 applications will be funded in 2016). Applications that are incomplete or late will not be considered.

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