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Medieval Academy Inclusivity and Diversity Book Subvention Program
The Medieval Academy Inclusivity and Diversity Book Subvention Program provides subventions of up to $5000 to university or other non-profit scholarly presses to support the publication of books concerning the study of inclusivity and diversity in the Middle Ages (broadly conceived) by Medieval Academy members.

Applications for subventions will be accepted only from the publisher and only for books that have already been approved for publication. Eligible Academy members who wish to have their books considered for a subvention should ask their publishers to apply directly to the Academy, following the guidelines outlined below.


To be eligible for consideration for a subvention, the author of the book must be a member of the Medieval Academy. If employed, the author must certify that the employing institution is unable to provide the full subvention required by the publisher.

The book to be considered for a subvention must focus substantially on both the Middle Ages and on inclusivity and/or diversity (broadly defined), must be of high scholarly and intellectual merit, and must have been accepted for publication. Unrevised dissertations will not be considered.

Applications will be accepted from university presses or other non-profit publishers focusing on scholarship. The publisher must have accepted the book for publication based on its merits and must show that the subvention is required in order for the book to be published at a reasonable cost. If a subvention is granted, the publisher must acknowledge the Medieval Academy subvention program on the book's copyright page or on the reverse of the book's title page.


Applications will be evaluated by the Committee for Professional Development in consultation with the Inclusivity and Diversity Prize committee. Decisions will be based on three criteria: 1) the quality of the book, 2) the commitment to the study of diversity and inclusivity in the Middle Ages and 3) the demonstrated need for financial assistance. Applications from authors and incomplete applications will not be considered.


The annual application deadline is 1 May. An application should include the following, arranged in order:

1) a cover letter from the publisher requesting the subvention, stating why the book should be published, and certifying that it has been accepted for publication;

2) two or more substantive, analytical readers' reports from knowledgeable scholars who evaluated the book manuscript for the publisher;

3) a brief itemized budget provided by the publisher that details expected costs and revenues for the book and shows how the subvention will be used;

4) a statement of no more than 500 words by the author explaining how the book qualifies for the inclusivity and diversity book subvention grant and, if the author is employed, certifying that the employer is unable to provide the full required subvention.
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