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Katherine L. Jansen (

Associate Editor
Taylor McCall

Editorial Assistant
Carol Anderson

Anne Cherry

Assistant to the Editor
Christopher Cole



Review Editors, appointed by the Council of the Medieval Academy upon the recommendation of the Editor of Speculum, serve three-year terms. Their primary responsibility is the assignment of books and other media to reviewers. They also advise the Editor on new areas of research and forms of publication.

The following are serving as Review Editors. The date in parentheses is the final year of the editor's current term.

Speculum welcomes the submission of any books relating to the field of medieval studies to be considered for review. Please direct all review copies to the attention of the Associate Editor of Speculum, Taylor McCall, at the following address: The Medieval Academy of America, 6 Beacon St., Ste. 500, Boston, MA 02108.

Nora Berend (2022), St Catharine's College, Univ. of Cambridge

Jonathan Berkey (2022), Davidson College
Lindy Brady (2023), Univ. of Mississippi
Jonathan Decter (2023), Brandeis Univ.
Dallas Denery II (2021), Bowdoin College
Sean Field (2021), Univ. of Vermont
Jacqueline Jung (2023), Yale Univ.
Wendy Pfeffer (2022), Univ. of Louisville
Helmut Reimitz (2021), Princeton Univ.
Lena Rohrbach (2021), Univ. of Zürich
John Sabapathy (2021), University College London

Núria Silleras-Fernández (2023), Univ. of Colorado
Peter Stokes (2023), École Pratiques des Hautes Études
Mariken Teeuwen (2021), Utrecht Univ.
Emily Thornbury (2021), Yale Univ.
Elizabeth Upton (2023), Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Steven Vanderputten (2020), Ghent Univ.
Mary Watt (2023), Univ. of Florida

Lawrence Warner ( 2022), King's College London
Warren Woodfin (2022), Queens College, City Univ. of New York


Members of the Editorial Board, appointed by the Council of the Medieval Academy upon the recommendation of the Editor of Speculum, serve four-year terms. The Editorial Board reviews material submitted to Speculum, discusses and makes recommendations regarding editorial policies and practices, evaluates and approves special issues, recommends readers for article submissions, and otherwise advises the Editor.

The following are serving as members of the Editorial Board. The date in parentheses is the final year of the member's term.

Christopher Baswell (2023), Barnard Coll. and Columbia Univ.
Ross Brann (2024), Cornell Univ.
Hendrik Dey (2021), Hunter Coll., CUNY
Stefan Esders (2024), Freie Universität Berlin
Brian FitzGerald (2023), Magdalen Coll. of the Liberal Arts
M. Cecilia Gaposchkin (2023), Dartmouth Coll.
Cecily Hilsdale (2024), McGill Univ.
Peggy McCracken (2023), Univ. of Michigan
Laura Saetveit Miles (2021), Univ. of Bergen
Laura Smoller (2022), Univ. of Rochester
Elizabeth Tyler (2022), Univ. of York
Jan M. Ziolkowski (2024), Dumbarton Oaks/Harvard Univ.


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