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CARA Policies and Procedures
Approved by MAA Council, March 2020

MAA Bylaws §30:

The Standing Committee on Centers and Regional Associations (CARA) consists of representatives of institutes, graduate and undergraduate centers, programs and committees, research libraries, and regional and other organizations devoted to Medieval Studies, as well as independent scholars working in the field. CARA promotes and encourages teaching, service, and research in the interdisciplinary field of Medieval Studies; recognizes this work in the form of prizes and graduate research support; awards conference grants; sponsors sessions at the annual ICMS Kalamazoo, IMC Leeds, and Medieval Academy of America meetings; and organizes a program at the annual CARA meeting, held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Academy. Income received by or for the benefit of the Committee and expenditures made by the Academy on its behalf are carried on the Academy's books and are audited with the Academy's accounts in due course.

CARA Policies and Procedures:
The CARA Executive Committee shall consist of seven persons (six CARA Committee Executive Board members serving four-year, once-renewable terms, and the CARA Chair), together with the Executive Director, who serves ex officio as Secretary without vote, and the MAA President, who sits on the committee without vote. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year, typically during the annual MAA meeting in person and in advance of the annual CARA meeting.

Nominations for impending vacancies on the Executive Committee shall be solicited by the Chair at CARA's annual meeting; these vacancies and a call for nominations will also be announced via the Medieval Academy’s newsletter following the meeting. Nominations will be accepted until 1 November of each year. New executive committee members will be chosen by vote of the Executive Committee no later than 1 December of each year, and their names forwarded to the Executive Director of the Medieval Academy of America no later than 1 January. The Executive Director will present the list to the MAA's Committee on Committees, who then will submit it to the Council at the MAA Annual Meeting together with its other recommendations. The term of service for new members will begin at the conclusion of CARA's annual meeting following the MAA Council’s approval.

The Chair of the CARA Executive Committee shall be elected by the Executive Committee from among its current members and serve a three-year term. The chair may be renewed for one additional term, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. The Chair is responsible for preparing and presenting a report on CARA's activities and awards at the Medieval Academy of America's annual Business Meeting, which will also be published annually in Speculum, and serves as CARA's representative to the Academy's Council and President. The Chair may also serve on other MAA Committees in consultation with the Director and the President. Nominations and applications for the CARA Teaching Award, Service Award, Regional Conference Grant, and MAA/CARA Graduate Student Summer Scholarships shall be reviewed by three-member subcommittees, constituted and chaired by the CARA Chair, who serves on each committee in an ex officio capacity. Members of these subcommittees will serve two-year, renewable terms. The Chair shall also appoint a Director of Conference Programs from among the members of the Executive Committee, who will plan and oversee CARA's sponsored sessions at the ICMS Kalamazoo, IMC Leeds, and Medieval Academy of America annual meetings; the Director of Conference programs will also serve on the Regional Conference Grant Committee. The Director of Conference Programs will serve a two-year term, which can be renewed once at the discretion of the Executive Committee Chair.
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