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About CARA
Developed from organizations active in the 1960's (e.g., ACOMARS headquartered at Ohio State), the Committee for Centers and Regional Associations (CARA) became a standing committee of the Medieval Academy in 1969 to serve as a forum for those who are concerned with the administration of institutes, graduate centers, undergraduate programs and committees, and research libraries; with the organization of regional and local groups of medievalists; and with teaching. CARA assists institutions and individual medievalists in meeting the challenges that face medieval studies in the classroom, the library, and other institutional settings locally and nationally. It supports those who work to develop special projects and programs of instruction, local and regional networks of medievalists, and centers of research and institutions in medieval studies. It is concerned with pedagogy at all levels. Institutions and individuals who wish to support and enhance medieval studies are invited to join CARA and participate in its meetings and programs.

CARA’s mission is advocacy and problem-solving. To accomplish its purposes, CARA organizes it own meetings as well as sessions at the annual meeting of the Medieval Academy and at other meetings of medievalists. It compiles and disseminates information about its constituent institutions and participates in international meetings of centers of medieval studies. It publishes in the Medieval Academy’s newsletter, on electronic networks, and elsewhere the kind of information that medievalists find useful in their work as teachers and as advocates of medieval studies in their schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums, or regional associations.

CARA Executive Committee

CARA Affiliates


CARA Awards:

            MAA/CARA Summer Scholarships

            CARA Award for Excellence in Teaching

            Kindrick-CARA Award

            MAA/CARA Conference Grant


CARA sponsors an annual meeting every year in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy in support of its goals. In addition, CARA sponsors a plenary session at the Medieval Academy's annual meeting and two sessions at the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University. Materials presented at CARA sessions are occasionally posted on this website for general distribution.


Institutions and individuals who wish to support and enhance medieval studies are invited to join CARA and participate in its meetings and programs. As of 2014, there is no fee to join CARA. All that is required is an expression of interest. Please contact the Academy at to join.
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