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Online Teaching and Medieval Studies
Online Teaching for Medieval Studies: Philosophies, Learning Plans, and Promising Tools

This two-part webinar focuses on approaches to teaching the Middle Ages for online learning. The webinars are designed to help medievalists of all disciplines adopt and adapt existing strategies, platforms, and tools for teaching online in the fall of 2020 and beyond. Understanding that most institutions have their own required training sessions and online learning platforms, these webinars showcase ideas behind critical pedagogies for online learning with tools and applications specifically designed by and oriented for use by medievalists. The goal of these webinars is to bring together scholars proficient in online learning and design to give an overview of best practices and how medievalists can use and maximize the many DH offerings for learning and research that currently exist. Each webinar will reserve half of the allotted time (1 hour) to address the pedagogical philosophies of teaching and learning online, followed by a series of 'Tool Talks' (1.5 hours), featuring a selection of medievalist-friendly digital tools for use with students. We will reserve time to address questions after each section to foster a scholarly exchange about approaches to teaching and learning.

Both webinars will be recorded and made available through the MAA YouTube Channel. In addition, we will also partner with the Middle Ages for Educators site to embed the shorter ‘Tool Talks,’ accompanied by linked materials which might include further readings, suggestions for assessment, or relevant online resources. We anticipate adding to these throughout the summer, even after the conclusion of this webinar series.

Webinar I: Thinking and Teaching Online: Best-Practices and Inspired Learning at a Distance
Recorded July 14th, 2020

For more information on the Middle Ages for Educators, please visit their website at:

Leah Shopkow (History, Indiana University), "Thinking about Pedagogy as Medievalists" 

Olena Zhadko (Director of Online Education, Lehman College, CUNY) and Susan Ko (Faculty Development Consultant, Lehman College, CUNY), "Instructional Design and Course Planning for Online Teaching with Open Educational Resources (OER)" 

David Wrisley (Digital Humanities, NYU Abu Dhabi), "Christine de Pizan through Story Maps" (tool talk)

Nicholas Paul (History, Fordham University), "Telling the Past and Researching in the Present - using podcasts in pedagogy" (tool talk).

Liz Lastra (Art History, University of Hong Kong), "Digital Exhibitions on Artsteps" (tool talk)


Webinar II: Techniques and Tools for Teaching, Learning, and Researching Online: Manuscripts, Mapping, and Modeling
Recorded Tuesday July 21, 2020


For more information on the Middle Ages for Educators, please visit their website at:

Andy Mink (Vice President for Education Programs, National Humanities Center), "Online in the Works: MAA and Medieval Africa" 

Dana Lightfoot  (History, University of Northern British Columbia), "Following the Research Trail Online: Introducing Students to the Practices of Medieval History”

Shawn Hill  (Instructional Technologist, Fordham University), "Reading Together: Using Persuall to Gloss the Online Text," with instructional materials from Caroline Smith (Independent Scholar/Fordham University) (tool talk)

Laura Morreale (History, Independent Scholar/Harvard/Georgetown), "The Cronica Pisana: Transcribing Together with FromThePage" (tool talk)

Pamela Patton (Index of Medieval Art, Princeton University) and Elina Gertsman (Art History, Case Western Reserve), "Curating in the Art History Classroom: Objects, Images, and Innovation from Afar" (tool talk)
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